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"Handmade, with love, by a warrior of the wind."

Hullo fellow Wizard People enthusiasts.

As usual, I am the last one to the party.  I have been watching and sharing Wizard People with anyone willing to listen for a couple years now, but only today did I discover this community.

In this Wikipedia article, it mentions an anonymous Denton resident's Wizard People DVD.  That Denton resident just happens to be the fella I've been sleeping next to for a few years.

It is pretty awesome.  And we love to spread the good word.  We actually gave a copy to those nice Harry and the Potters boys when they visited Denton.  Such nice boys.

This is us.  We're the ones who aren't Harry.

Anyways, just to make the holidays gay, we'd be happy to send on some copies of the masterpiece at cost.  Comment here if you're interested or have questions.
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