amphigorist (amphigorist) wrote in wizardpeople,

An Inquiry

So I was watching the trailer to "We Are Wizards", a documentary about the wizard rock scene and the world of Harry Potter fandom (you can watch the trailer yourself at It begins and ends with Brad Neely. The beginning I recognized as being from the beginning of the "cribbage" match, but the bit at the end was not in the version of WPDR that I watched (the original, I believe; the one where he starts to laugh during the sorting hat scene). It goes something to the effect of: "Harry Potter said right into Ron's soul, 'You know what we are, baby. We are wizards. We are finally what we were always going to become. We are wizards, and the world better get ready, for I have just begun.'"

My question is: Is that in the newer version of WPDR? If it is, it's not in the transcript (found at If it's not, where is it from? Some other Neely Potter project? Made special for the doc? Anybody know?
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