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tribute bands 
08:36am 25/03/2010
  my friends and I have started a wiz rock band based off the WP:DR world of Harry Potter. Anyone know of any other bands out there like this? It would be awesome to set up a show (with a screening of the film shhhhhh!).

ps- we have taken on the band name "Victory for Upfish"
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Swarm, swarm, swoosh and swarm: A plea for a torrent of the first draft edition. 
06:23pm 29/01/2010

ok i lied here it is on mediafire

disc 1 http://www.mediafire.com/?mmj4zwwzdoj
disc 2 http://www.mediafire.com/?jnmym5w2cw3

go hog wild
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Dude. A WP, DR comm. 
12:08pm 16/07/2009
mood: devious
I'll just dump these here, if that's cool ♥

Just some random text icons I popped out a while back. Fun times, I wanna make more :D

Anyone got some favorite lines from the show?
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attention philadelphia wizard people! 
06:38pm 20/01/2009
  Hey Guys, last year i posted about the Harry Potter fan art show in philadelphia. My friends and I are opening a game store in west philly and i thought this would be a good community to spread the word to. We're will be carrying all sorts of games, with a focus on the wizardly sort (Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, etc. ) as well as hosting event nights (we might even have another wizard people screening before too long.

so yeah if you're in the area, or if we met at that padlock show last summer, please come check out the store!

ta-dah forever!


An Inquiry 
06:59pm 25/06/2008
  So I was watching the trailer to "We Are Wizards", a documentary about the wizard rock scene and the world of Harry Potter fandom (you can watch the trailer yourself at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24fDD-P7iwU). It begins and ends with Brad Neely. The beginning I recognized as being from the beginning of the "cribbage" match, but the bit at the end was not in the version of WPDR that I watched (the original, I believe; the one where he starts to laugh during the sorting hat scene). It goes something to the effect of: "Harry Potter said right into Ron's soul, 'You know what we are, baby. We are wizards. We are finally what we were always going to become. We are wizards, and the world better get ready, for I have just begun.'"

My question is: Is that in the newer version of WPDR? If it is, it's not in the transcript (found at http://www.erikkennedy.com/wizardpeopledearreaders.html) If it's not, where is it from? Some other Neely Potter project? Made special for the doc? Anybody know?
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01:08am 07/05/2008
  I heard that a WP, DR has been set to the second movie as well... Does anyone know if this is true/where I can find the recording?  
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05:16pm 03/05/2008
mood: bouncy
Does anyone here have the DVD with the WR, DP soundtrack on it?  I would really like to get a copy!  Or does anyone have a torrent of it?  Please do let me know!

Thanks in advance!

~Mad Ange! 
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09:12pm 22/04/2008
15 Wizard People, Dear Reader icons
08:47am 30/12/2007
mood: curious
My best friend got me the greatest Christmas present ever. She went to Build-A-Bear and made a Danny Elfman bear for me. (If you don't know who he is, I feel sorry for you.)

I wanted to give her an equally awesome present, so I'm going to make her a Ronnie the F'ing Bear bear. I just don't know what I want to record on the little voice box. Right now, I'm thinking of either, "Ron...Ron loves Twizzlers," or "At least I'm not a hideous fucker." Which do you guys think is better, or do you have any other ideas?
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01:31pm 22/12/2007
  Does anyone know where I can find the original recording of Wizard People?  I liked some parts of it better than the newer one (though it has advantages as well), and I would just like to keep both of them around.  
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"Handmade, with love, by a warrior of the wind." 
04:49pm 07/11/2007
mood: chipper
Hullo fellow Wizard People enthusiasts.

As usual, I am the last one to the party.  I have been watching and sharing Wizard People with anyone willing to listen for a couple years now, but only today did I discover this community.

In this Wikipedia article, it mentions an anonymous Denton resident's Wizard People DVD.  That Denton resident just happens to be the fella I've been sleeping next to for a few years.

It is pretty awesome.  And we love to spread the good word.  We actually gave a copy to those nice Harry and the Potters boys when they visited Denton.  Such nice boys.

This is us.  We're the ones who aren't Harry.

Anyways, just to make the holidays gay, we'd be happy to send on some copies of the masterpiece at cost.  Comment here if you're interested or have questions.
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dvd, anyone? 
12:23am 24/08/2007
mood: hopeful
Hi guys!
I was wondering if anyone who watches this community has a synced DVD of WPDR. I'm trying to put together a screening at my college campus (gotta spread the love!) and things would be so much easier if everything was already put together.
I've scoured the internet for synced versions, and all I've found are dead torrents and files that I can't piece together for lack of technical know-how.

I'm willing to pay for a DVD, if anyone wants to burn one (I'd pay for the shipping, too). A file I can just play from my computer would be equally awesome.

Thanks for your help!

PS. I'm looking for the audio that is currently being hosted at illegal art, if that's at all possible. It's my favorite version. If no one has that, no biggie.

EDIT 9/17/07: I got a DVD! If anyone needs a copy, I'm one more supplier.
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12:40pm 17/08/2007
mood: sleepy
Hello there, I have tried going to that Illegal Art site to download the mp3 of Wizard People, but my computer says the site is down! Is there any way some kind person on here could yousendit to me? I'm going to college soon and I want to watch the whole movie+ this with my friends before I go...

If you would be so kind, I would repay you with any amount of sexual favors and/or icon making.

Oh yes, and my email address is rhpal@yahoo.com, by the way.
11:20pm 14/08/2007
  New member-I've been listening to "Wizard People" for the last two weeks non-stop almost. I believe it is the most brilliant thing I have ever heard!
I'm so happy I can finally share my joy. I'm sure this must have been asked before, and you probably already know what it is-will there ever be more? I saw on the front page that someone mentioned Brad Neely wouldn't. But why? Can't he see he has some crazy, cult-like following now? What could honestly be better than that?
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10:27am 01/08/2007
  Does anyone know where I can download the audio for Wizard People, Dear Reader? I know you can get it quicktime on IllegalArt.com but I'm looking to get it on my itunes...Any leads? Much appreciated.  
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10:46pm 16/07/2007
  hey guys....just wanted to thank everyone who made it out to the padlock gallery on sunday. there were lots of H.P. fans out in force whom i had never met, and i can only assume that they came from this community.
so yeah, thanks for coming out. it was an awesome night!
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05:16pm 06/07/2007
There will be a Harry Potter Fan Art show at the Padlock Gallery Sunday July 15th in honor of the final book being released. In addition to your sweet, sweet drawings and diaramas and sculptures made out of Cherios there will be a screening of Brad Neely's "WIZARD PEOPLE, DEAR READER" and tasty wizard snacks.

PLEASE send all submissions c/o Kettner to 4224 West Thompson Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, by JULY 10th.

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05:41pm 01/07/2007
  There will be a Harry Potter Fan Art show at the Padlock Gallery Sunday July 15th in honor of the final book being released. In addition to your sweet, sweet drawings and diaramas and sculptures made out of Cherios there will be a screening of Brad Neely's "WIZARD PEOPLE, DEAR READER" and tasty wizard snacks.

PLEASE send all submissions c/o Kettner to 4224 West Thompson Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, by JULY 10th.


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11:30pm 17/06/2007
  Okay, so after watching Brad Neely's amazing version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone about 5 times now, I decided to take on the task of making some icons of my favorite quotes. Little did I know that I would end up making little vectors of the characters and that I had so many quotes that I liked... Hopefully you Wizard People fans out there will appreciate the outcome of my hours of labor. Enjoy!

Note: There is some inappropriate language on some of these icons because, well, some of the funniest quotes happen to contain cuss words. Please be aware of this if you find it offensive. :)


[48] HP, Wizard People-related

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10:56pm 27/05/2007
  Hi everyone! I have been listening to the first movie with this audio for years now, and never knew there was a community for it. I just finished listening to the audio, actually, and the same question came up which I will ask you. Do any of you know if anyone else has attempted an alternate audio track like this? Every time I watch it, I wish there was one for each of the movies. I believe I read somewhere that Brad Neely said he wouldn't do another one, so I wonder if anyone else tried? I would love to have a movie marathon with the audio commentary! I only wish I were a fourth as witty, so I could make one up (I came up with a small image/text based commentary for PoA, but it's not enough to record for a commentary track), but alas ... Anyway, thank you for reading, and yes to magic!

edit After some extensive research (lol), I did manage to find this, which is a GoF commentary. It's more of an informative, behind the scenes type commentary. Also, I was reading about the t-shirt idea ... I think it's a great idea ... I'll have to scour the transcripts (a big thank you for typing that all up) for some of my favorite quotes (can't put the entire transcript on a shirt) and make some of my own. I, personally, love:

But that's just me. Feel free to use the icon, just credit me. Alright, I'm done, for now. ;)
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